Uniting Catholics in Worship

"The discovery of my Catholic faith has been the greatest inspiration of my life!
Music is simply the vehicle through which I want to share that."

-Joanna Fish

The Glorious Mysteries CD

(The NEW Musical Release by Joanna Fish)
Recorded in Nashville Tennessee, this CD offers a contemporary Catholic music experience with a folk, rock, and country flare. Inspired by her trip to Medugorje, Joanna evokes imagery in these songs that take us on a journey of faith, hope and love.

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The Glorious Mysteries - Joanna Fish

The Rosary is a Meditation on the Life of Christ

Virgin Mary and Child

Many Catholics have either forgotten the prayer of the rosary or have never prayed it. But, when we meditate on the mysteries, or the stories in the rosary, we are meditating on the life of Christ. Our own thoughts become conformed to the mind of Christ, our hearts become conformed to the heart of Christ. In 1214, the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Dominic, giving him a rosary with the promise that "You shall obtain all you ask of me by recitation of the Rosary". What an amazing promise! In that regard, we hope this music will help you discover or rediscover the wonders of the Rosary.

The Heart of this Ministry

In Luke 1:46, the Virgin Mary states, “My soul magnifies the Lord”. This statement reveals much to us about Mary's humility, and her desire to constantly point to Christ. She shows us the way to happiness, peace of mind and eternal life with her Son. She has given us this simple, yet powerful gift of the Rosary! The purpose of this ministry is to help her “magnify the Lord” in our lives.

If you would like Joanna to visit your parish, school or other venue to perform a concert and share her testimony, please fill out the contact form and submit it.

Virgin Mary

Joanna Playing Guitar

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